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We have become all too familiar with words like challenging, unprecedented and difficult, for Spalding Dental Surgery, the last two years has been all of those things. Despite a lack of national leadership and guidance within the dental profession, we made rapid and innovative decisions very early on in the pandemic which have allowed us to get back to providing a wide range of care sooner than many other practices.


Spalding Dental Surgery invested heavily in technology and staff and created processes which allowed us to provide a very safe yet effective work flow. We also have the luxury of a large car park which along with the recently created extra reception areas, enables patients to enter and leave the building with reduced delay or close contact with other patients. Despite the national easing of some restrictions, we have continued with our protocols as we know it creates a safe and reassuring environment for you.


Staffing during the previous 12 months has been challenging at times due to enforced isolation after pings and family contacts. We are excited, however, to have recently recruited Lisa and Phoebe our new hygienists who are proving to be very popular. We also welcome our new dentist, Patricia who is returning to Spalding following 2 years of specialist training in Implantology, Surgery and Endodontics. We are now able to welcome new patients to the practice once again and thank those who have been patiently on waiting lists.


Whilst we have held off making any adjustments to our charges, and avoided the large PPE surcharges popular with many practices during this time, we are now able to see that our monthly running costs have increased substantially, by more than 30% over the past 12 months alone. This is now unsustainable unless we regrettably increase our fees. Spalding Dental Surgery has always aimed to be cost competitive and we continue to be so, looking carefully at fees being charged both locally and nationally.


We will continue to improve our service in all areas, with our immediate priority being hygiene appointment availability. We would also like to improve the way we communicate with our patients, especially when we have to make announcements to our entire patient base. Our website will continue to be an easy place to see changes with more regular updates, along with text messages and emails. Please ensure your contact preferences and details are updated when we see you to allow this. We assure you, your contact details will never be used for anything other than direct contact from us. We have a ZERO spam policy.


As always we greatly welcome patient feedback, so PLEASE keep us informed of your experiences or suggestions of how we can improve –


Please find below an up-to-date 2022 fee schedule and the new capitation charges for our Gold and Silver schemes. We continue to keep the children’s fees unchanged.


Yours sincerely,

David, James, Luke and Toni.

Update to Fee Schedule

Updated: 3 February 2022

The following information outlines the options available to you, but should you require further information please contact our Practice Reception on 01775 724756.


1.   Registration Only

£ 20.00  Per Annum + (Pay-as-you-go for treatment)

This annual fee registers you as a patient at the practice and allows access to emergency out of hours treatment.*


2. Silver Care Plan    2+2

£16.50 Per Calendar Month  or  £198.00 Per Annum

  • This monthly plan provides registration at the practice allowing access to emergency out of hours treatment.*
  • Entitles you to two examinations per year.
  • Two descales & polishes with hygienist or dentist every year.
  • Any small x-rays (this does not include OPG/Large x-ray).
  • Any further dental treatment will be subject to a 10% discount**


3. Gold Care Plan     2+4

£25.00 Per Calendar Month  or  £300.00 Per Annum                                            

  • This monthly plan provides registration at the practice allowing access to emergency out of hours treatment.*
  • Entitles you two examinations per year.
  • Four descales & polishes with hygienist per year.
  • Any small x-rays (this does not include OPG/Large x-ray).
  • Any further dental treatment will be subject to a 10% discount**


4. Children’s Capitation Schemes


·         Band 1   Aged 0 – 5 years                  £2.20 per month

·         Band 2   Aged 6 – 11 years                £3.80 per month

·         Band 3   Aged 12 – 18                        £5.40 per month


This will include two check-ups per year, any necessary oral hygiene, any small x-rays and diet advice.

At 18 years of age they will need to join an Adult Scheme.

Our preventative approach aims to avoid the need for complex treatment, but should this be required this will be charged at a 50% discount of our normal treatment fee scale.



Careplans:  Initial hygiene visit will, after a new patient exam, be subject to a fee. Thereafter they will be included as part of your plan. Your dentist will explain this to you.

*  There will be no charges for emergency call out fees to ourselves just the cost of the necessary treatment that is carried out.

We will reimburse a contribution towards the cost of emergency treatment carried out by another dentist either in the UK or abroad if you are away from home and unable to attend this surgery or we are closed at the weekend.

The limit is £325 per incident and £650 per 12 month period.  Reimbursement will only be possible upon receipt of proof

of payment and details of treatment carried out.


Registration and attendance must always be kept up to date.


**  Whitening, Orthodontic treatment and Dental implants are not subject to 10% discount.
Dental Examination New Patient or Full Case Assessment £70.00
Routine Dental Examination 6 monthly £46.00
Scale and Polish £62.00
Radiographs (X-Rays) – Small intra oral radiograph £15.00 each
Large full mouth scan OPG £65.00          3D CBCT Scan £165.00
White Fillings £71 to £165 each
Root Canal Treatment, including radiographs (plus restoration)  
·         Incisor/Canine £360.00
·         Premolar Lower £360.00        Upper £400.00
·         Molar £510
Re-root treatment Personalised quote
Simple Extractions £115.00
Surgical Extractions £190.00
Repairs to Dentures (without impressions) £55.00
Repairs to Dentures (with surgery appointment and impression) £98.00
Addition of Teeth to a Denture £98.00
Reline a Denture From £180.00
New Full Set of Dentures £1250.00
Partial Acrylic Denture (each) £625.00
Chrome Denture (each) £1250.00
Chrome Palate £190.00
Bridgework Per unit £486.00
Re-cement Bridge £75 – £120.00
Veneers £530.00
Tooth Whitening with Dentist (Discount does not apply) £385.00
Periodontal therapy Personalised quote
Prescription (Tablets supplied by surgery) £7.00
Consultation £70.00
Porcelain Bonded Crown (Laboratory Manufactured) £560.00
Porcelain Jacket Crown (Laboratory Manufactured) £560.00
Cerec Crown From £560.00
Post Cores for Crowns £130.00
Re-cement Crown From £75.00
Non Registered Patient Call Out Fee £150.00
Missed Appointment Fee Per 10 minutes £35.00
Implants From £2600.00
Invislign From £1800.00 – £4500.00